Art that inspires joy



I make joyful art for gloomy times. When I was nine years old, I read about the destruction of the rainforest in South America and was so upset, that I decided to organise a raffle and jumble sale to raise money. When I was 18 I went to Cambodia on a rainforest conservation trip and was confronted for the first time by human poverty and suffering. I later went on to work for Oxfam.

Unfortunately, whilst working for Oxfam in India, I suffered a mental health breakdown, which led to a years-long battle with depression and anxiety. This experience taught me that, try as I might, I cannot solve all the world’s problems by myself. It’s been a very long road to learning that I have to look after my health and happiness before I can help anyone or anything else.

I rediscovered painting in April 2018 and it has changed my life! Climate change and the divisive politics that are happening at the moment are depressing, but the act of creating and seeing beautiful art makes staying alive worthwhile. Life can be full of joy and I want to celebrate that. Humans are capable of destruction, but we are also capable of amazing creativity.

I paint predominantly in acrylics on paper, but I also love my personal practice of art journalling in which I draw, write, collage and paint with all kinds of mixed media. Collaborating with others is my absolute passion, and enjoy facilitating projects such as #passitonpostcards.

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